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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We Need People NOW!!! Amazing Business Opportunity!!! Call Us TODAY!!!

It’s To Your BENEFIT

If you answer “YES” to two or more of the following questions,
you can benefit from a Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.,and subsidiaries legal plan!

Have you ever . . .
. . . . thought about writing or revising your Will?
. . . . purchased a home?
. . . . had an income tax question?
. . . . needed advice on community property laws?
. . . . purchased a defective product and been ignored by the manufacturer?
. . . . paid a bill you knew was unfair?
. . . . been involved in a property dispute?
. . . . received a moving traffic violation you thought was unjustified?
. . . . been a defendant in a civil lawsuit?
. . . . been involved in a separation or divorce?
. . . . had a problem with child support or visitation rights?
. . . . signed a legally binding document and been sorry later?
. . . . wanted advice on a credit matter?
. . . . worried about being audited by the IRS?
. . . . had difficulty collecting an insurance claim?
. . . . signed a lease you’d like to change?
. . . . had questions about your civil rights?
. . . . signed an escrow agreement and wished you’d had legal advice?
. . . . needed assistance in dealing with the purchase of a new or used car?
. . . . had questions about the legality of tax shelters?
. . . . wanted to know about guardianship responsibilities for your children?
. . . . had a question about your consumer rights?

With no obligation on your part, we can show you how over one million people
have access to a lawyer for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

For more information, call:
Demyan Lavor at 916.308.9060